19 loyal Rotarians showed up for lunch yesterday and—as usual, a visitor from Wilton.
A small group congregated on the porch of the RSI. At the appointed hour,  President Ben shooed us inside.
Our  table talk was far ranging --from Croatian passports, the value of EU passports, nicknames we give to our daughters’ boyfriends (going-nowhere-fast,  carried the day) , life in Kenya.
We discussed the noble commitment of Americares to help alleviate the suffering in Somalia and Haiti.
There was also a strange side conversation on dental implants.
Raconteur Bill Walbert quizzed the group on the sex of inanimate objects—listing  freezer bags, photocopiers, tires, hot air balloons, sponges and egg timers.
He then gave us the right answer and  explained why.
He played  it pretty much down the middle— succeeding in sparking spicy comments  from  both (all?) orientations in the room.
Jim Cole bravely stood and recounted his long and distinguished biography, showing us all that a finance admin exec can be a fun guy.
This was an ‘assembly’.   I think this means a long rambling discussion resembling the recent debt ceiling fracas  in congress.
                ‘We need a second fund raiser
‘ no—we need to improve attendance at the lobster fest
‘Should we offer a discount for hot dog and chicken eaters?
‘what about a square dance?
‘Pete Santella asked for 100 tickets.  (Applause)
‘Amy is doing a good job contacting groups we support
Mike Hobbs effectively brought the assembly to a close by stating; “let’s not bite off more that we can chew.”
At that, President Ben banged the bell and we ambled out to a  pleasant August afternoon.
Chris Snyder (tyro  scribe with some help from Mike)